Boom 3D 1.4.6 Crack + License Key Free Download (2022)

Boom 3D 1.4.6 Crack + Activation Code Free Download Latest [2022]

Boom 3D Crack

Boom 3D Crack is a system wide sound booster and equalizer for your PC (macOS system or Windows OS system). It offers the best 3D surround sound and lets you sync any sound for your Windows or Mac system. It also gives you better control over your volume settings, allowing its users to customize the audio output. This can be done on an individual app basis (macOS users only). You’ll find a handy mini-bar shortcut (bottom left corner if you’re using Windows and top right corner if you’re using macOS) to quickly customize this app with torrent settings.

In general, we tend to sleep in a world where ad universes are getting smarter and more attractive. Tools designed for these simple tasks have a simple user interface and easy-to-use controls. There is no risk of losing your payment as there is a 7-day free trial period. So, download this app from the official website with the . Use the trial version and try Boom 3D Cracked before you decide. Developers and even regular users of it’s claim that once you open and use this software, it is very difficult to switch back to your previous music player.

Enjoy your music session at parties or casual routine. In addition, the current version of Boom 3D Torrent includes the flagship feature that 3D claims to have built-in speakers that amplify sound or music. For even more fun, here is the possibility to set different channels and set the preferred audio speed. Also improve the sound of games, dramas, TV shows, movies, live stream or live video calls. Then all these functions surprised everyone. Volume Booster will increase your volume from system default to your Mac without sacrificing sound quality.

Boom 3D Patch Free Download [Latest]:

When we talk about the activation code, it is very important as it contains a lot of information about that Boom 3D. All the information contained in it is how to use the app and how to create 3D sound. But many people do not send the and do not get good results. There is a lot of friction in the world that requires an code because we can’t work without an for example when we install MS Office we actually put the product key as well as the and when we see that there is a phrase in ours your laptop screen window is not original,

The activation code can be numeric or alphabetic. The alphabet is very important because alphabets contain a lot of information about software that is not in numerical form. I also show that software can be found on the website where I downloaded it, and then I looked it up. on the website where it is located, but some people do not know where they got it because they do not have good information. We talked about downloading the software which is very important because some people set up non-original website.

From stunning design to contemporary formats for all new graphic designers. In fact, This software is the best and most energetic voice changing app available in Windows operating system. 3D is a unique and reliable product that can create a pleasant sound by creating a pleasant environment for entertainment or rich music tracks for entertainment. The first time I installed Boom 3D , since I don’t have an and I don’t know where I found it.

Boom 3D Crack Full Torrent Download (Mac/Win):

It is an award-winning professional audio enhancement application designed to play your media content with incredible 3D effects on ANY headphones from any player, media or streaming service. 3D Recording Code includes handcrafted equalizer presets, advanced sound effects, and a transition-friendly intensity slider that gives users full control to adjust the sound to their liking. That’s why 3D With Keygen is the ultimate tool for any type of woofer.

The app comes with a patent-pending 3D Encompass Sound expertise. Stunning and immersive digital sound that can be used in ANY headphones. Boom 3D is a brand new professional audio application that delivers rich and immersive sound with 3D surround sound that makes any headphone sound better. The 3D download corresponding to Boom uses a new patent-pending 3D encompassing soundstage that allows it to pump extra energy and realism into the output sound.

Boom 3D presets give you the ability to frame your audio at your fingertips. As with a few typical soundboards, there may be some dials and twists that you can turn to see how your sound is affected. However, you should use a high-quality equalizer. That’s why 3D Sequence Switch is one of the others. You should also use the live sound results to enjoy your daily music listening session. So a gadget designed for such a simple action will have a simple user interface and easy-to-use controls.

Boom 3D Crack Features:

  • Improve the sound of all music in 2020 with the brand new Boom 3D.
  • An unlimited audio tool that allows to increase the volume of single, multiple apps or device.
  • Otherwise, improve the sound of computer, laptop, TV, LCD screen or other connected devices.
  • Now enjoy 3D games, movies with perfect virtual sound.
  • You don’t need to buy special or expensive headphones, just install this app and have fun.
  • It is free audio booster software that boosts the sound without any damage.
  • Rich in sound source.
  • Advanced equalizer that makes all tasks easy.
  • Incredible sound effects that organize the playlist with high-pitched sounds.
  • The most attractive interface that meets all requirements.
  • Amazing features and tools help the user with any problem while updating the audio.
  • No loss in sound quality.
  • Built-in audio player.
  • Also built-in module for sound enhancer.
  • Enhance the sound of any music in 2020 with the brand new Boom 3D.
  • An unlimited audio instrument that allows you to increase the volume of the single, multiple applications or the device.
  • Otherwise, enhance the sound of your computer, laptop, TV, LCD monitor, or any other connected device.
  • Now enjoy 3D games, movies with exceptional virtual sound.
  • No need to buy special or expensive headphones, just install this application and have fun.
  • It is the free volume booster software that increases volume without damage.
  • Rich on the sound source.
  • Advanced equalizer that makes all tasks easy.
  • Incredible sound effects that organize the playlist with loud sounds.
  • The most attractive interface that meets all requirements.
  • Great features and tools help the user in every problem while updating the sound.
  • No loss in sound quality.
  • Built-in audio player.
  • Also the built-in module for the sound amplifier.

Boom 3D Crack Advance Features:

Immersive Virtual Audio

You can immerse yourself in 3D surround sound and you don’t need to buy specially designed headphones, as Boom 3D’s immersive virtual surround sound works with any headset. Boom 3D’s immersive sound takes your gaming and movie watching experience to the next level.

Adjust your volume

Boom 3D lets you fine-tune and perfect your sound with a 31-band equalizer and built-in presets. So, if you are looking for a deeper sound, more bass or something else, you can use the beautifully crafted equalizers and presets until you get the perfect sound that suits you best.

Next Level Personalization

And if you want to take the customization to the next level, there are built-in sound effects that you can enable. These sound effects allow users to break the new song from a completely new perspective.

Play audio files

If you want to play all your files (from a folder) in Boom 3D , you can. To get the most out of your audio library, simply drag them into the app with an easy-to-use audio player.

Mobile application

Boom 3D is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android users. So you don’t have any platform limitations.

More than 20,000 radio stations

If you want to join Boom 3D you should hurry because you get over 20,000 local and international internet radio.

App Volume Control

macOS users can even control the volume of a single app.

To change log data

Global Delight does not provide version history for this or any previous version of Boom 3D.

3D Surround

Experience movies, games and music with 3D Surround technology, which provides stunning virtual surround sound without special volume-boosting headphones or expensive surround speaker amplifiers.

Equalization presets

The most advanced equalizer with 31 bands to adjust the sound. Boom also offers a wide range of presets for 3D windows, carefully crafted to match different genres and individual listening tastes. vivid and rich audio experience.

App Volume Control

Boom 3D lets you control individual audio volumes of Windows apps for a smooth movie/game/music experience like a personal music player app. saved songs with unique Boom effects with our full audio player and create playlists to organize your music collection like your music player app.

Over 20,000 radio stations

Join Boom to enjoy free access to over 20,000 radio stations from 120 local and international stations. the countries.

31-band EQ and presets

The equalizer allows you to modulate the sound with a slider and save it as a user preset. The presets are carefully curated in different music genres, so you can enter the sound that suits your mood.

Device management

You can manage your active devices, meaning you can register and deregister devices independently by creating and logging in to your Boom account.

Intense shooter

The intensity slider provides full control of the audio output and allows you to adjust the low and high frequencies. Increase or decrease until you find the optimal level.

Select your headset type

Choose a headphone type so Boom 3D can properly display the best sounding results. Optimize volume in night mode.

Magical 3D Surround Sound

The main feature of Boom 3D is the patent-pending 3D Surround Sound, which provides the most realistic and immersive listening experience on any headset! Turn the bass up or down to get the bass level you want with this beautifully designed switcher.

Band Equalization and Presets

Equalizers allow you to modulate your sound with the swipe of a finger and save it as a custom preset. The presets are carefully crafted in different music genres, so you can dial in the sound according to your mood.

Manage Device

You can manage your active devices ie. You can register and remove devices on your own by creating and logging in to your Boom account.

Intensity slider

The intensity slider provides full control of the sound output and allows you to adjust the bass and treble. Push it up or down until you find your optimal level.

Choose your headphone type

Choose your headphone type so that Boom 3D provides the best sound output.

What’s New In Boom 3D Full Version Crack?

  • So Advanced Audio Player: Play any songs stored on your Mac with unrivaled Boom effects and create playlists to organize your music with Advanced Audio Player
  • 20,000+ Internet Radio Stations: By creating your Boom account, you can access over 20,000 local stations. And international radio stations in 120 countries
  • Boom account: Sign in to create your Boom account with a valid email address or your social (Facebook or Google) account for a premium experience. Features for a personalized listening experience
  • Lots of performance improvements.
  • Updated components to boost sound.
  • The algorithm has changed.
  • Fix other minor issues.
  • Experience digitally enhanced sound with Boom3D for clear voice for your Skype calls.
  • Boom 3D adds power and intensity to your videos for a crisp, realistic and superb surround sound experience.
  • The app’s unique 3D surround sound delivers dramatic and dynamic sound, giving you a deeply immersive experience.
  • Play your favorite iTunes songs with Boom 3D for macOS. It enhances the depth and clarity of any sound for a crisp, vibrant sound.
  • Experience all dimensions of your games with the app. Powerful surround sound enhances the gaming experience and lets you feel every move.


Boom 3D Free

Boom 3D Download

Pros And Cons:


  • Great sound upgrade.
  • Elegant and user-friendly interface.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • An extensive 30-day trial period.
  • Easy to install.


  • A bit annoying if you are a trial user.

Boom 3D License Key:


Boom 3D Activation Key:


System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7
  • Intel Core i3 / 5/7 or AMD Athlon 64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard drive space
  • Multitouch screen, mouse or tablet
  • Screen resolution of 1280 x 720 at 100% (96 dpi)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
  • Optional DVD drive (for box installation)

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How To Run Or Install Boom 3D Crack?

  • Download the sample of the app from an official website to get started.
  • Download the crack file for this application from here.
  • So, now open and extract the file and install it.
  • So keep visiting our website for additional replacement.
  • Finally over.


Boom 3D Full Crack is a powerful 3D audio playback software that works as a 3D audio quality. It is able to reproduce 3D sounds in the best and most realistic way. With this software you can test the best possible quality of 3D files as you need. This program has many functions in the field of volume control and adjustment, and with a small change in its parameters you will get interesting results. Windows 10 can be turned into an expanded sound oasis by maximizing the sound application. Whether you’re an opera fan, a metal fan, or just want to kiss your friends from above, this app can transform your listening experience in a great way. And with the revolutionary Virtual Sound Setup feature, you will enjoy the best sound despite primitive speakers. ou can enjoy typical music listening sessions with surround sound effects. Boom 3D for PC gives a real touch to the people who use it, so it’s a very cool app. Boom 3D The best part is that you can access 3D features from anywhere in your home or office.

This is an excellent software that maximizes the sound from the sound source. Also, welcome precise control of the sound and listen to music or other sounds with increased volume or volume. So it’s a comprehensive preset to amplify sound even in 3D form. It gives your 3D surround sound a surprisingly loud volume. Smooth slider interface with wide virtual volume parameters that transform your low music volume to a higher one. However, you can always open the full app to access the full settings and it has many settings. And it doesn’t stop there, you can find the full list of features below. Experience existence with sounds. Boom 3D is reliable and clean to use. Ultimately, those of you who paint within the Order will realize that extraordinary dynamic domination can be most effectively achieved if all quorums are assumed to consist of every quorum. Really clear 3D sound and audio results are difficult to achieve without the help of external applications.

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